You can also log in as dropshipping partner.

What is Dropshipping?

Simply explained. You list our goods or even only parts of them in the shop Your customer comes to you in the online shop ordered there, you order the article from us in the order process as the delivery address of the customer. We will then immediately ship the goods to your customer.

We do not interact with your customer during the entire process and afterwards. Your customer is and remains the contact person.


    You do not need your own storage rooms

    They do not tie your capital into commodities and remain liquid

    You do not need any staff for warehouse management packaging etc. and thus saving costs

    You do not have to worry about buying new goods and save time and invest them in new customers

What do you get from us?

    You receive our goods for your online shop

    Current CSV file for download (updated every 4 hours)

    we pack and ship for you

What do we desire:

    For fair trading, we set minimum selling prices, some of our items should be complied with

    Article texts should be written yourself (because of Google and Co.) and may not be copied 1 to 1

If you are interested then log in to our shop and send us your trade license by mail. After checking, you will be promptly unlocked.