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When importing goods from outside the EU there is a lot to consider and due to the distance there is also a certain amount of trust which can and must be strengthened with control, but a local contact is sometimes indispensable to avoid misunderstandings and nasty surprises.

Furthermore, it is also difficult to be a newcomer in large quantities, be it because of the money which has to be financed before or because of the storage space needed to store the goods until the sale, to produce what these companies in Asia would like to produce and to reject smaller orders willingly, be it because of costs or because of the fact that the company has to be financed. for reasons of capacity, or if you are lucky you can also do what has an effect on the quality, because you can't be on site yourself to control the quality all the more important is then the contact on site which monitors every operation and immediately clarifies any questions to avoid mistakes in production.

For some, communication is also a big hurdle, because most of the time the language of the country of production is not available and the English is not the best one, if there is anything left, then there is also the time difference and the most different mentality, you can quickly say something wrong where people then misunderstand and no longer want.

Due to our many years of experience in importing textiles from Asia we would like to ask you for our support.

We have contacts to companies in Bangladesh as well as a permanent contact on site which clarifies and supervises the production on site, and communicate with us constantly to clarify difficulties on site. Furthermore, he takes care of the necessary import documents, the individual payments of the companies on site and the safe transport to the port to bring the goods on time and safely on board the freighter.

The import costs then usually also play a big role because small quantities can quickly become expensive, which is then another advantage because your order can be transported as a payload which can save considerable costs. And the goods are transported to your warehouse without you having to invest time, you can concentrate exclusively on your business and promote the marketing of your goods.

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